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I remember I purchased my first car with Conister in 1969. It was a Hillman Imp and cost £295.00!

John Quaye - Manx Independent Carriers

Core Values

Our four core values shape who we are, what we stand for and what we do.

Customer Focus

Prioritising Our Customers: We position our customers at the forefront of our actions. Accessibility is a promise we make, and through straightforward approaches, we aim to deeply understand their requirements. This comprehension drives us to nurture enduring bonds and to consistently offer them top-tier service.

Working Together          

Unity in Diversity: The essence of our operations lies in our people. We cultivate a culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Our emphasis on collective ownership paves the way for a stimulating atmosphere, encouraging every member to share their ideas, innovate, and achieve their best potential.


Ethical Backbone: Our dedication to upholding ethical practices is unwavering across all business facets. As we spot risks, we assess them judiciously, always acting with uncompromised integrity. Our independence equips us with the agility to promptly and justly respond to the evolving requirements of our customers.

Sustainable Future                                                         

Driving Change for Better Tomorrows: Our aspiration extends beyond mere business growth; we yearn to instigate positive change. As proactive contributors to society, we're keen on adopting progressive strategies. Harnessing our passion, expertise, available resources, and cutting-edge technologies, we're set on charting a course toward lasting, sustainable impact.

Treating Customers Fairly

Conister Bank values close relationships with our customers, many of whom have banked with us for generations. Our unvarying commitment to our customers is to offer the highest possible standards of service. In so doing, we will ensure that the Bank always applies the Financial Conduct Authority's principles of Treating Customers Fairly.

We aim to treat every customer fairly in all aspects of our dealings to ensure that:-

• You can be confident that fair treatment is central to our corporate culture;
• Our reward and remuneration frameworks (including those of Executive Directors) support the delivery of fair customer outcomes;
• Our products and services are designed to meet your needs and are targeted accordingly;
• You are provided with clear information and are kept informed before, during and after the point of sale;
• If required, we will only choose a third party partner with a Treating Customers Fairly culture aligned to our own and will monitor their delivery;
• Any recommendations are suitable and take account of your personal circumstances, inviting the provision of as much information as necessary to make this possible;
• You are only offered products that perform as you have been led to expect, and will ensure that any services provided are of the highest standard;
• There are no unreasonable post-sale barriers; and
• We will provide easy access to make a complaint, should this ever become necessary.

How you can help us provide the most appropriate solution for your requirements

To help us give you the most appropriate advice, we will ask you to:-

• Tell us as much as possible about you so we can suggest the right product;
• Let us know about changes that might affect your financial status;
• Let us know if there is any aspect of our product range and service that we have discussed or recommended that has not been clearly explained; and
• Always tell us your suggestions on how we can improve our service

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