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Fixed Rate Savings

Competitive fixed rate, fixed term savings accounts

Customers can choose from a range of competitive fixed rate, fixed term savings accounts. We offer a variety of fixed term deposits, including 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months.

SavingsUp to 2.40% AER

For large deposits, in excess of £1m, we can design bespoke savings products based upon individual circumstances.

Fixed Term Account Interest Rates Effective from 27th February 2019

Term Annual Gross % p.a Annual AER % p.a Monthly Gross % p.a Monthly AER % p.a Interest Payment Options Min Balance


1.00% 1.00% 0.80% 0.80%

On maturity, monthly



1.65% 1.65% 1.45% 1.46%

On maturity, monthly



1.90% 1.90% 1.70% 1.71%

Annually, monthly



2.15% 2.15% 1.95% 1.97%

Annually, monthly



2.40% 2.40% 2.20%  2.22%

Annually, monthly


Conister Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manx Financial Group PLC .

Manx Financial Group PLC - Annual Report 2018

Conister Bank Limited - Directors' Report and Financial Statements 2018

Conister Bank Limited. Registered in the Isle of Man No. 000738C. Registered Office: Clarendon House, Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2LN.

Conister Bank Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority for its deposit taking activities and is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by
the Financial Conduct Authority for its consumer credit activities and mortgage lending administration, firm registration number 619002. The above interest rates are open to new and existing Conister deposit customers. Interest rates are available on a limited offer basis and are subject to change or withdrawal at any time. Terms and conditions apply. No early withdrawals permitted. AER stands for the Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest would be if interest was paid and compounded to the account once a year. Annual Gross rate is the same as the Contractual Rate. Minimum balance £5,000. Maximum balance per deposit is £1 million. Interest rates are fixed for the term indicated and are quoted gross % per annum.

Deposits made with Conister Bank Limited are covered by the Isle of Man Depositors’ Compensation Scheme as set out the Compensation of Depositors Regulations 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you asking me for so much information?

In order for us to meet our legal, regulatory responsibilities and internal policies and standards relating to Know Your Customer (KYC) responsibilities, we require you to provide us with the information to enable us to establish your identity.

How much can I deposit?

The minimum balance is £5,000 and the maximum balance (excluding interest) is £1,000,000. Larger deposits may be accepted at our discretion.

Am I eligible to open an account?

All our accounts are open to Isle of Man residents or UK Expats holding a UK passport aged 18 or over.

Can I close my account early?

We offer fixed minimum term savings products that do not permit early withdrawal. However, under special circumstances we may allow an early withdrawal.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
How is my money protected?

We are covered by the Isle of Man Depositors’ Compensation Scheme (DCS), the current limits are up to £50,000 per person and £100,000 for money held in joint names. For further information please see:

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