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Here you can find frequently asked and answered questions. Please select the category which your question is about and you will find the full list.

QuickPay is a secure payment portal which will allow you to make payments towards outstanding loan payments.

Follow the link from the Conister Website – it is a green button on the top right, labelled QuickPay.

You simply enter the details used on the agreement to validate who you are and then login. We ask for the following information:

- Agreement number
- Surname
- Date of Birth
- Post Code

You will only be able to pay the amount that is outstanding, or a partial amount, so you will need to know what that amount is. Refer to your agreement for that information.

QuickPay carries the same server security as our other WebPortals.

The payment is processed the same way as a normal card payment, however we automatically apply the transaction to your agreement whilst that happens.

There is no log in required but rather a validation step prior to the payment screen. See above question on how to use QuickPay.

There is no minimum payment, but the maximum payment is the outstanding amount on your account.

On the confirmation screen after your payment you are offered the option of printing the confirmation.

Conister does not apply any charges to you for using QuickPay however, your own bank may charge for the payment.

No. The QuickPay portal is only for outstanding payments.
Should you wish to receive a settlement figure and make a payment, please contact our Operations team by calling us or writing to us at the details found on our Contact Page.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and will be credited to the Notice Deposit Account on 30th June and 31st December automatically. This new balance will then start to accrue daily interest.

We do not permit early withdrawal on our savings accounts, however, under exceptional circumstances we may allow. A 4% fee on the amount withdrawn and an administration charge of £25 will be applied.

£500,000. Larger amounts may be accepted at our discretion.

The new rates will be updated on the Conister Bank website and we will communicate in writing to the first named account holder affected.

Funds can be transferred into your new account by cheque or bank transfer.
You can attach a cheque when submitting your application form, however, if you prefer to pay by bank transfer, we will provide you with an account number once your account is set up.

Funds can be initially transferred into your new account by cheque or bank transfer.
Once your Notice Deposit Account is open you can only add a minimum of £10,000 additional deposits via Bank transfer.

4% fee on the amount withdrawn and an administration charge of £25.

No, only one notice request may be given at any time.

Your funds will be sent to your nominated bank account.

We do not permit early withdrawal on our savings accounts, however, under exceptional circumstances we may allow. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about our Savings products.

If we have not acted upon your notice instruction, we may be able to comply with your request to cancel it.

Written notice must be provided and must be signed by all account holders in line with the mandate.

Yes. The minimum additional deposit amount is £10,000 and can only be paid via Bank transfer.

The Conister Bank website or by calling the office on 694694.

No. The interest rate on a Notice Deposit Account is variable. We may at any time vary the rate(s) on your Account without notice.

No. Interest is added to your Notice Deposit Account automatically.

Interest is accrued daily and added to the Notice Deposit Account semi-annually, 30th June and 31st December. If either of these dates fall on a non-working day, interest will be paid on the next working day.


No. The product specifications are different between the two products. If you want to switch to a Notice Deposit Account, you must wait until your Fixed Deposit Account matures.

AER stands for the Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest would be if interest was paid and compounded to the account once a year.

Gross interest is the annual rate of interest to be paid on a deposit account before taxes or other charges are deducted.

A certificate of interest will be issued annually to Isle of Man residents only.

Yes, you will receive an annual statement on the anniversary of your account opening date.

No, our accounts are fixed terms which does not permit additional funds. If you wish to add an additional investment a new account can be opened, or, upon maturity the additional amount can be added when reinvesting.

Interest is calculated daily and paid annually or monthly.

All interest is paid gross and it is the responsibility of the account holder to disclose their savings interest earned to their appropriate tax authority

Yes complete, sign and email your application to or post to Clarendon House, Victoria Street, Douglas, IM1 2LN

We will require two forms of certified identification to verify proof of identity and verification of permanent address.

In order for us to meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities and internal policies, we will require you to complete an application form and supply identification to enable us to comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

You can decide to have your interest paid annually or monthly. Annual interest will be paid on the anniversary of the account opening and can be compounded or paid away to a nominated account. Monthly interest cannot be compounded and must be paid away to a nominated account.

We are covered by the Isle of Man Depositors’ Compensation Scheme (DCS), the current limits are up to £50,000 per person. This is not per account. Find out more

All our accounts are available to Isle of Man residents and Expats holding a British passport aged 18 or over, with the exception of USA citizen.

In order for us to meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities, internal policies and standards relating to Customer Due Diligence (CDD), we require you to provide us with the information to enable us to establish your identity.

A politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual who has been entrusted with a prominent position.

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