We may be a small island but together we can make a BIG difference in reducing our carbon footprint.

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We may be a small island but together we can make a BIG difference in reducing our carbon footprint.


At Conister Bank we believe in taking responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and increasing our sustainability as a business.

Throughout the last few weeks, Conister Bank has rolled out their 'Green Initiative' to all their staff.

Douglas Grant, Managing Director feels very passionate about this subject and through his leadership and direction, Conister will strive to make a positive impact on the economic, environmental, and social future of our island.

The green initiatives will be rolled out by Conister Bank over a period of time. Douglas Grant  insisted that before going out to the marketplace with the initiatives we must first ensure that our staff are onboard and sharing our passion and beliefs for a resilient future.

  •   We felt it is important for our team to understand the Isle of Government's objectives for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
  •   We then enlightened staff on what Conister Bank's vision and mission involved to demonstrate our commitment to being part of the solutions in reducing carbon emissions.
  •   We discussed the philosophy behind ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) understanding the global set of standards based on the effect companies have on the environment and wider society.
  •   We shared the results of Conister Bank’s carbon footprint analysis and how it has opened our eyes to aspects of carbon emissions that we were not aware of and where easy wins can be achieved.
  •   We provided an insight into the greenhouse gases that are affecting our island such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases.
  •   We revealed how Conister Bank can finance the transition to net-zero by providing sustainable finance options for individuals and businesses who looking to improve their home energy efficiency or simply wish to convert to an electric vehicle.
  •   Every member of staff was enlightened on the Marketing Campaign and all the exciting plans for the future and given the opportunity to provide input and get involved.
  •   Finally, the formation of our ‘Green Team’ internally will be made up of employees who voluntarily come together to educate, inspire, and empower their colleagues on matters surrounding sustainability.
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