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Meet the face behind


I’m Clara Isaac. I am Manx born and raised and extremely proud to live on our beautiful island. I am passionate about the future of the Isle of Man, and therefore excited to introduce to you all! 

Our environmental impact has been a hot topic recently, and I can’t deny my interest was peaked by our beloved David Attenborough and the countless documentaries, books, and podcasts that have since followed.

I am very passionate about recycling and the environment, and being a member of the Green Team at Conister Bank has really focused my energy closer to home.

My husband and I live in a parish that does not provide a kerbside recycling collection service - so every other weekend I take my recycling down to our local amenity centre, but on several occasions, I’ve been turned away due to the recycling areas being full!

Whilst this was amazing news that so many people are taking time to drop off their recycling, it was an inconvenience and I ended up accumulating weeks' worth of recycling in the boot of my car.

This got me thinking how much I would love a kerbside collection service - surely I wasn’t the only one!

And the idea of was born. 

Where my recycling ends up is a big deal to me and I wanted to send my recycling to someone I had confidence in.

The Green Team at Conister Bank were invited to Douglas Borough Councils' independent recycling centre at the Isle of Man Business Park. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm, openness, and transparency, I knew they would be the perfect partner for to team up with.

My aim with is to provide the remaining 64% of households with kerbside recycling who do not already have this service, so all our island's domestic recycling goes through one channel. will be an open and transparent business - saving people time - making recycling easier - encouraging recycling - and doing the research so you guys don’t have to.

I really appreciate the support of Conister Bank, the kind words of encouragement, and all of your interest already received. It is vital to the success of 

To find out more about Clara's impact in turning our Island green full an associated article in Gallery magazine 

Please visit our website and Facebook page to receive the latest updates, and to follow us through our journey.

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